Amanda, Daniel and Jaime were our contacts at All Valley When we installed our a/c in April 2007. Living year round in Palm Desert is impossible with great air conditioning.
It’s been over 7.5 years now and we could not have been happier with our service from All Valley. The original installation was perfect. We had a warranty issue a few years latter and All Valley was right there to correct the issue at virtually no cost to us.
A rodent ate through a line in the attic a few years back when we were gone during July. It was about 110 outside and 98 in the house when we returned. all Valley was out almost immediately on a Friday afternoon and literally saved us from staying in a motel.
Our final big event was the last couple of weeks but at least it was in the “cooler” season of late October. We had a very difficult to locate leak in the attic exchanger. All Valley stayed on the task until everything was fixed and gave us an unbelievable deal. We actually added money on our won to the payment because they were so fair.
Amanda, Daniel and Jaime have been with us for every a/c event. It’s safe to say that we are “customers for life” for All Valley Air Conditioning as long as we own this house?

Most Sincerely,

Mike and Cindy
Palm Desert, CA