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Smart Thermostats In Palm Desert, CA

Once upon a time, homeowners just like you had to fix their indoor temperatures by opening windows or fueling fires. Luckily, in 1883 a Wisconsin professor grew tired of having a cold classroom. The professor found himself constantly looking for the janitor in charge of the cellar furnace which was responsible for adjusting dampers. As a result of this, the professor, Warren Johnson, invented the very first thermostat.

The Smart Thermostat

Nowadays homeowners are searching for ways to associate with the relaxation of the home to their hectic lifestyles. This includes a method for energy-intelligent home heating and cooling! Comfort features and energy-efficiency ratings of your furnace, heat pump or air conditioner continue to advance, but the equipment is not a multifunctional tool equal to that of a smartphone. This equipment is developed to execute one goal — to heat or cool your home.

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