What To Expect From A HVAC Service Agreement?

What To Expect From A HVAC Service Agreement?

One of the main characteristics of a trustworthy and reliable HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor is to include maintenance and service agreements to simplify the dealing from the start till the end. While most people are unaffected by this, here are three reasons why you should get one – 

  • The service contract usually comes with the number of annual services you can avail of. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about calling for a maintenance service.  
  • Your HVAC system can get maintenance on time without any delays since you don’t have to go through setting reminders and calling a technician.
  • Your HVAC unit can work more efficiently, which will reduce your bills, and it will also increase the lifespan of your units.

With so many contractors and so many options available, it is okay to be overwhelmed. Here is our quick guide to help you find the right contract for you.

What should an agreement include?

An agreement is a legal document which the customer needs to go through in detail. Before signing the agreement, you should check certain details – 

  • Visit frequency

Different contractors recommend inspecting a unit at different times; some recommend annual maintenance, while others recommend quarterly maintenance. Before signing any service or maintenance agreement, check the number of visits you can avail of annually.

  • Components and tasks

Most houses in California have heating and cooling units. Before signing a contract, make sure all the units you own are covered so that there are no surprises in the future. It would be best to ask for a detailed list of tasks that the technician will complete during these visits. Some of the must-have tasks include filter cleaning/replacement, checking electrical wiring, checking motors and ductwork, checking/replacing your refrigerant, and cleaning evaporator and condenser coils. 

  • Payment terms

Most contractors have a fixed amount for annual service contracts. Whether you have to pay annual costs upfront or are required to pay quarterly, when you’re searching for an HVAC service in Palm Desert, CA, keep these payment details in mind. 

  • Warranty for repairs

One of the added benefits of having a service contract is that you can call the same contractor for all your HVAC troubles. However, if your HVAC unit requires any replacements/repairs, a warranty is required. Most contracts outline the terms of the warranty beforehand in cases of HVAC services near me.

When you’ve decided upon an HVAC service contract and a payment method, remember to ask for an original copy of the contract. This way, you can refer to it in the future anytime you need a service.

With so many contractors providing services in Palm Beach, most customers choose to Google HVAC service in Palm Desert, CA, and take a chance. 

At All Valley Air, we possess over 35 years of experience in solving HVAC issues and have been operating in Palm Beach since 2004. You can find out more details about our HVAC service agreement on our website or call (760) 259-1927 to get a quotation.

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